CrISIS Clinic


Tel: 01623 700320

The CrISIS Clinic is a specialist facility for people who are experiencing difficulties in day-to-day life due to issues around their psychological well-being.

Located in beautiful Ransom Wood, Nottinghamshire, the CrISIS Clinic provides a discreet service, within an environment that is conducive to inner peace, tranquillity, and recovery.

Our approach to mental health at the CrISIS Clinic is trauma-informed, and person-centred.

Our specialism lies within a highly effective and evidence-based system of techniques known as Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR)

We are dedicated to facilitating recovery for people who are in psychological distress or crisis.

Following strict rules of facilitation, we support people by:

  • Being open-minded, neutral and non-judgmental at all times

  • Actively listening to you without imposing our own ideas, interpretations, distractions, suggestions or advice.

  • Empowering you to reach your own conclusions.

  • Conducting open sessions (not time bound) allowing you to fully engage in the process as long as you wish

  • Not attempting to diagnose you with any illness/condition or labelling you in anyway

  • Being fully focused on you at all times, until the end of your session

What We Help With



Post Natal Depression


Relationship difficulties


Panic Attacks


Talk in confidence, free of judgement, interpretation or labelling

CrISIS Clinic Location

Ransom Hall
Southwell Rd. West
NG21 0HJ

Tel:  01623 700320

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