Our psychological systems and services are designed to promote well-being through fulfilment of three core operating principles:


The ability to remain unaffected by adversity


The ability to recover quickly if affected by adversity


Development to a greater level of resistance and resilience.

We also recognise that we are uniquely-placed to help shape the way that people make decisions on mental-health and psychological well-being and promote improvement in this regard.

Our Ethical commitment is the framework by which we make a positive impact through our own actions and ensures that ethics are an intrinsic element of our decisions, activities and culture.

We will achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that revenue generated through business with partner organisations is used ethically, to further the work of alleviating emotional pain and psychological injury through research and educative works.

  • Being open, and transparent about our business partnerships(Wherever possible), and by declaring our interests in any research project undertaken by ourselves or our agents.

  • Seeking the endorsement of relevant ethics committees wherever possible.

  • Adhering to a strict code of conduct regarding behaviour whilst dealing with vulnerable people, including such details as service charging levels and service quality.

  • Contributing positively to a realistic world view of mental health, and working to challenge stigma, medicalisation and paternalism in the mental health professions.

  • Seeking, wherever possible, to achieve parity between mental health and physical health.

  • Conducting research projects in order to promote the health of human beings, and not to simply endorse our own products or services.

  • Recognising swiftly issues of performance, and seeking to improve as soon as is humanly possible, in order to ensure better outcomes for people who use our services.

  • Maintaining at all times, a person-centred approach to our service development, administration, research and service delivery.

  • Procuring our own business requirements from social enterprises and 3rd sector organisations wherever possible, and wherever procurement law allows.

  • Maintaining a policy of inclusion, to which our staff and agents will adhere.

  • Supporting the work of other relevant 3rd sector organisations who operate with similar interests or groups of people to improve the health and well-being of humanity.

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