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The challenges of running an organisation can sometimes cause high pressure situations, and subsequently, occupational stress can become destructive amongst teams working in high-pressure environments and work streams  – affecting performance, innovation, output, well-being, and sometimes safety.

Left unaddressed, such issues can lead to relationship crisis within teams, sickness absence, disciplinary cases, organisational and reputational loss.

Whilst sickness absence due to stress and anxiety are responsible for a great deal of business loss, it should also be borne in mind that presenteesim is also a major source of ‘hidden’ loss for organisations who’s output depends on its people.

Indeed, from a mental health point of view, our research has shown us that while absenteeism is clearly a costly issue, presenteeism has huge potential to affect performance, innovation, retention, resilience and continuity.

Whilever colleagues are stressed, distressed, or in crisis, then decision-making, and performance are bound to be under par and risk causing damage to the business.

We offer occupational debriefing for organisations who care for the well-being of their people, and wish to maximise good inter-personal relationships within their business.

We recommend occupational debriefing:

  • As an addition to personal development review processes
  • During and following involvement in a high stress, or high threat work-stream
  • As part of a review process after a team or organisation has experienced significant change or loss
  • Following the loss of a team member in unexpected circumstances
  • As part of a change management process
  • Following a critical business incident that threatens continuity or resilience
  • After a significant relationship crisis within the team or between teams
  • As part of senior leadership self-development

Team Debriefing is a highly-structured, person-centred way of exploring issues of psychological concern in the context of the team, and business environment. It is a supportive process which fosters trust and cohesion, through mutual understanding and shared experience of change or adversity. Sessions take place in a non-judgmental environment, and profoundly improve psychological stress levels of team members.

Occupational Debriefing should not be confused with Coaching, which is not designed to address issues of psychological concern, stress or anxiety.

Our team has a wealth of experience in facilitating debriefing, and can facilitate occupational Debriefing at an outside venue or within your own organisation.

Please contact us for more information how  occupational debriefing can help your organisation.

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