Social Support Systems are proud to be able to support 3rd sector organisations in regard to psychological risk, and supporting recovery pathways for their clients.

To date, we have supported several charitable organisations, in diverse areas such as military veteran support, through to those charged with the support of people affected by road traffic collisions and childhood sexual abuse and/or violence.

Using specialist non-clinical and scientifically measurable methods, we are able to deploy our facilitators to support your service-users affected to alleviate psychological distress.

Real-world application and evidence shows us that the alleviation of psychological distress is a key factor in recovery pathways of many types, be it recovery from substance misuse, or victimisation following events of a criminal nature.

Alleviation of distress = improved well-being and successful engagement.

A key area for 3rd sector organisations who are striving for funds is the ability to demonstrate successful outcomes for clients – Social Support Systems is also able to help your organisation in this respect, by using bespoke scientific applications to adequately measure your service users’ well-being.

A swift and simple process, we can integrate the measurement process into your pathways, allowing your organisation to demonstrate credible and robust evidence of success.

Using our high-tech online solutions, we can provide real-time data to help ensure your resources are efficiently targeted.

If you represent a 3rd sector organisation please contact us here for further details of how we can tailor solutions to support your aims.

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